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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the goal of the learning pod?

The goal of this pod is  to prepare children for academic success and close any gaps that have occurred due to the pandemic.

Will there be homework?

Yes,  homework is given via Seesaw or worksheets on Friday.  Homework is due on Monday.  Incentive points are given for completed homework!

What is the time commitment?

Monday through Friday 6.5 hours with homework given on Fridays.

Will there be any assessment
of my child's progress?

In order to assess academic performance and guide lesson planning, students are assessed 2 times per year: August and May.  The results are shared with guardians in real time.

What is your curriculum?

Our homeschool curriculum relies on worksheets, songs, videos, books, and learning experiences that help students show understanding and develop meaningful skills.  Additionally, we use "Little Thinkers", "Kinder Writing", "Kinder Math", and "Sweet for Kindergarten Phonics", the "Good and the Beautiful" and an array of hands-on activities. 

What are
your expectations of the families?

All student should be in uniform. Families need to have their student ready to learn and in class every day at 9am with all materials needed for the day.

supplies are needed?

The cost of the required coursework bundle is included in the registration fee.   The $150 registration fee is due within 30 days after enrollment. All other suggested resources will be posted via our communication app.

Are there uniforms?

Uniforms are required.  The uniform consists of an embroidered polo shirt which can be purchased online at .  Any bottoms may be worn.

Can I
tour the learning space?

Pre-scheduled onsite tours are available upon request.  The ability to host onsite tours will be determined based on Spectacular Start's operating status and COVID precautions at that time. 

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