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Homeschool Learning Pods



Learning Pod


Monday- Friday


 Ages 5-7 years

$50 deposit , $150 registration fee




Monday- Wednesday


 Ages 5-7 years

$50 deposit , $150 registration fee


     The Kindergarten experience at Spectacular Start is in one word, SPECTACULAR! This multi age group class uses a hands-on approach which makes for a stimulating day. Our K4/K5 students will recognize upper and lowercase letters and their sounds, vowel combinations, blends, and diagraphs. They will begin to read CVC words and use decodable readers to build confidence. 

     They will begin to relate to text and draw connections to real life.  Our kinders will listen and respond on topic to discussions and learn about punctuation.  They will practice handwriting, begin to tell stories with pictures, and eventually add detail to their stories. 

     Our Kindergarteners are able to count identify and compare numbers, add and subtract numbers, identify coins, understand the foundations of both telling time and place value. Students enjoy the opportunity to take ownership of their learning, creating confident and innovative learners.

First Grade

     Our first graders are real problem solvers!  Their critical thinking skills are sharpened, and they are developing confidence and independence. The concepts of reading, writing, speaking, and listening are integrated within all subjects. Students can identify parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, past tense, present tense, synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. Students are strengthening their writing skills and learning the writing process. 

     Math skills are extended into the science curriculum as students observe, measure, experiment, record, and graph data. Science includes physical science, health science, life science, and earth science. The subject of Social Studies includes civics, economics, geography, and history. We immerse all five senses within our instruction. Hands-on activities and projects engage the students in the learning process. 

Second Grade

     Second Grade develops and builds upon the students' skill sets. Through an application of previous knowledge, students will explore content in a manner that allows them to both enhance and apply their skills. Core subject matter is linked to help students see connections to real world problems and circumstances.

     Our second graders are able to organize their writing with a clear beginning, middle, and end.  They use their words to inform, persuade, and entertain in their writing.  They are also able to find information to answer questions, explain important points of a story, such as, the main idea, characters, and plot. They use personal experiences to guess what might happen next in a story and read and retell a story in the correct order. 

     These students are able to work with multi-digit addition and subtraction, round, measure, tell time, understand fractions, write numbers in word, expanded and standard form.  They are masters at graphing and understand shapes and angles. These scholars are reflective, creative and innovative! 

K- 2nd Grade


For Ages 8-13, we recommend:

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