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Homeschool Learning Pods



Learning Pod

Monday- Friday


 Ages 5-7 years

$50 application fee, $200 registration fee

(Sorry, no part time options!)

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The admissions process is tailored to identify families that exhibit motivation and a strong desire to thrive within the Spectacular Start community. In the application review, the Admissions Board takes into account:

  • Individual character and talent

  • Skills assessment

  • The family's ability to integrate and harmonize with the existing community

How To Apply

The application process for Spectacular Start includes the following steps:

  1. Submit an inquiry.

  2. Schedule an interview.

  3. Receive invite to complete an application.

  4. Receive an acceptance or denial notification within 3 business days regarding the student's enrollment status. (Please note: Spectacular Start reserves the right to admit or deny students as necessary.)

  5. Complete registration once the application is finalized and all financial obligations are met.

Admission Requirements

Spectacular Start requires the completion and submission of the following items:

  • Submit An Inquiry Form

  • Interview/ Tour

  • Complete Enrollment Application

  • Application Fee

  • Registration Fee


Application Fee:


Due at the time of submission

Registration Fee:


Due 5 days upon acceptance and yearly by July 15th


$550 monthly

Due the 1st of every month


    Kindergarten at Spectacular Start is truly spectacular! Our K4/K5 class offers a dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Students will master letter recognition, phonics, reading CVC words, and building connections to real life. They develop listening skills, learn about punctuation, practice handwriting, and enhance their storytelling abilities. In math, they'll count, compare, add, subtract, recognize coins, tell time, and grasp the basics of place value. Our kindergartners become confident and innovative learners, taking ownership of their education.

First Grade

    Our first graders excel as problem solvers, honing their critical thinking skills while gaining confidence and independence. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are seamlessly integrated across subjects. They master various language concepts and strengthen their writing skills. In science, math skills are extended through hands-on observation, measurement, experimentation, and data analysis. Science includes: physical, health, life, and earth sciences. Social Studies encompasses: civics, economics, geography, and history, all engaging the students' senses through immersive instruction, hands-on activities, and projects.

Second Grade

Second Grade builds upon students' skills through the application of previous knowledge, fostering both skill enhancement and practical application. Core subjects are interlinked to encourage students to recognize connections to real-world issues and situations.

Our second graders effectively organize their writing with a clear beginning, middle, and end. They use their words for informative, persuasive, and entertaining writing. They can extract information to answer questions, explain essential story elements like the main idea, characters, and plot. These students predict story developments based on personal experiences and retell stories in the correct sequence.

In math, they handle multi-digit addition and subtraction, rounding, measurement, time-telling, fractions, and various forms of number representation. They excel in graphing and exhibit a strong understanding of shapes and angles. These scholars are reflective, creative, and innovative!

K- 2nd Grade


For Ages 8-13, we recommend:

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